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Eldorado for sportanglers

What angler doesn’t dream of being able to sit in the grounds of a delightful bungalow and cast his line into water rich with fish or, with a step or two, jump into a waiting boat that will enable him to experience a fishing adventure all of his own?


In the beautiful polder area of Westfriesland anglers will find an abundance of top quality fishing-grounds. Hundreds of kilometres of canal within easy reach, together with numerous lakes of all sizes, each encircled by broad rush beds.

From the correct licences to a detailed map showing the best spots to fish for different types of fish. During the autumn there is a good chance of hooking a good sized perch or pike. Those who prefer to fish for bream, roach or the more powerful carp will not be disappointed either. Anglers are expected, of course, to adhere to the fishing rules regarding the minimum size of fish, throwing back caught pike and fishing for certain fish out of season.

There is also the opportunity for a days sea-fishing on the North Sea or Wadden Sea. In short, for those who enjoy peace and quiet, wide open space, the excitement of fishing surrounded by nature and all the comfort that a modern detached bungalow offers, ‘De Vlietlanden’ is a must.


De Vlietlanden
Droge Wijmersweg 5
1693 HP Wervershoof
Phone: +31(0) 228 - 58 14 91
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